Graduation and Certification

To be eligible for graduation, an intern must have:

  • Attended the required number of scheduled days

  • Successfully completed all lecture and clinical rotation proficiency and competency requirements

  • Demonstrated ethical behavior in their professional conduct

At graduation, you will receive a certificate and are eligible for certification by national or state agencies. Information on the various certifying agencies is supplied during the clinical year. The intern decides whether to become certified, and by which agency. Certification is a means of verifying career-entry competence; it is desirable in many job circumstances and in pursuing post-graduate education. Successful completion of a national certification exam is not required for graduation from the program. If you are from an affiliated university, you are eligible to receive a degree from that institution. The awarding of the certificate or degree is not contingent upon successfully passing a certification examination.


Graduation Rates

See below for the most recent statistics on graduation rates for the Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services School of  Medical Laboratory Science.

  • 2018 - 100 percent (16 enrolled, 16 graduated)
  • 2019 - 100 percent (16 enrolled, 16 graduated)
  • 2020 - 100 percent (16 enrolled, 16 graduated)


National Certification Examination

Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services School of Medical Laboratory Science interns are eligible to take a national certification examination upon successful completion of the program. See below for the most recent statistics of graduates that successfully completed a national certification exam within one year of graduation.

  • 2018 - 100 percent (16 attempted, 16 passed)
  • 2019 - 100 percent (16 attempted, 16 passed)
  • 2020 - 100 percent (16 attempted, 16 passed)


Job Placement Rates

Our graduates enjoy employment in the Medical Laboratory Science field after graduation. Below are the most recent job placement rates for the School of Medical Laboratory Science, including those who chose to stay at Ascension Southeast Michigan (ASM) to begin their career.

  • 2018 - 100 percent (16 of 16 employed, 8 within ASM)
  • 2019 - 100 percent (16 of 16 employed, 12 within ASM)
  • 2020 - 100 percent (16 of 16 employed, 12 within ASM)